Updates: About Kessie death saga. (Hmmmn , people are just wicked)

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I pray this is real!!!
See what was sent to me through bbm 7F418F9F


“This phone was stolen , KESSI is not dead she is Undergoing treatment right now at Urbane hospital at ogba Ajayi road , this phone was stolen by Jacobs yesterday nearby at the hospital a friend to Nola who brought kessie to the hospital.. He went round broadcasting she was dead in oorder to raise funds and sell the phone so nobody would bother… He has bin caught, and would be death with .. Buh Kessie is alright… She only fell so sick nd had her asthma while she was bin rushed to the hospital.. Her siblings and friends are right in the hospital… Please if u stil hearing about the death of The popular Kessie, please it’s Fake! Her Facebook account was also hacked! No one jokes with death! Pls if u see anyone stil updating the Death of kessie, please don’t hesitate to pass this News! I wonder why people have wicked hearts to say such ! May God bless you! ”

I never wanted to believe the loving Kessie is Dead. Please say a prayer for Kessie for speedy recovery!!!


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