#IPLAYHITS_HYPE – Cheezychi (@cheezychi @Zebetrainmusic)

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Iplayhits: Hi, Can we know you?
>>Hello Boss, Yea I’m cheezychi but real names are Kanayo Chiledo.

Iplayhits: When did you start music?
>>Hmmmmmn honestly with out missing words I started some 10 years ago from a tender age. I started from the children choir, from there to adult choir
From there singing with some live bands both here and Ghana,Labadi beach and so on.

Iplayhits: So what inspires you?
>>Life inspires me, my mother, friends, nature and just sometimes something makes me whats to sing.

Iplayhits:Are you signed to any label and how did it happen?
>>Yea presently I’m signed to Zebe’s Train Music. It all started when a friend introduced me to the boss of that label. From then we began talking on a good day I got a call from him and before I was signed to one label called hitpapa so when I got the call from the boss of ZTM and that was it.
It came with an official car and some 20 plus millions naira. lol

Iplayhits:Hmmmmn, that must be big.
>>Sure sir really big, Bigger than what I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Iplayhits:Thats nice, Whats song do you think brought you to limelight?
>>I’m sure its my song called spending money but now I mean right now I have a banging single titled SHE NEED AM, that song is really doing it from spain to America and all over Nigeria.

Listen here
Iplayhits:We are happy for you
>>Thanks Boss, thanks to GOD and thanks to you and your crew. You made it happen

Iplayhits:Where do you see yourself in 2 years?
>>Wow on top of my game… Touching the four walls of the world, Wide fame, great name, more money.

Iplayhits: How can your fans contact you?
>>I’m on twitter,Instagram and facebook. Just follow @cheezychi

Iplayhits: Message to your fans?
>>Wow to my great fans, Just keep your heads up, stay postive pray always and always give thanks for nothing and everything.

Iplayhits: Cheezychi Thanks for having us
>>Your welcome sir, I should be saying that. Thanks for having me
My pleasure


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